TahoeIX - Tahoe Internet Exchange - AS63212

The Tahoe Internet Exchange is a cooperative effort to foster community and regional routing. TahoeIX is the first exchange in Northern Nevada. Our mission is to make a positive impact on our local internetworking community. We help keep traffic local.


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Why Join TahoeIX?

The Tahoe Internet Exchange connects participants to increase performance, enhance reliability, and keep traffic local to Northern Nevada.

Thank you to our supporters and advisors:

We would like to extend a special thanks to the following participants since you can't start an exchange without anyone to exchange with.


Participants are encouraged to use the route server to openly peer with all participants - which is core of joining an exchange. Participants may still choose to peer bilaterally with important peers. The value of the exchange is greatly enhanced with open peering. TahoeIX should not be used for a participant's internal traffic.

Anyone is welcome to join the TahoeIX and participate in peering. There is no minimum prefix size on the exchange, although individual peers may have a minimum prefix length at their discretion. Both IPv4 and IPv6 is supported. TahoeIX does not have a membership fee. The exchange is supported by sponsors and donations.

  1. Peering is bilateral with the exception of route servers. There is no MLPA.
  2. BGP4 (or its successor) is used for peering and peers must set NEXT_HOP_SELF if advertising routes from other TahoeIX participants.
  3. Participants may not point default or statically route.
  4. Participants may not use another participant's resources without permission.
  5. Broadcast traffic may not be delivered to the exchange except as needed for normal operation and troubleshooting.
  6. Participants may not sniff traffic between other participants.
  7. Participants may only utilize a single layer-2 MAC address to place a single layer-3 router per port allocated from the TahoeIX switch fabric unless by prior agreement.
  8. Participants must make valid contact information and relevant documentation available at all times.
  9. No exchange participant may harm the exchange or other participants.

Participants are encouraged to create a PeeringDB entry for their AS if they don't already have one, however it is not mandatory for peering. Some participating peers may require a PeeringDB entry.

Because we are a small regional IX, closed or selective peering policies with minimum requirements are not suggested. We do ask that peers with such policies at larger exchanges consider making an exception at TahoeIX to help us grow, but peers are not required to do so. All peers are welcome to connect at TahoeIX.

A BGP session to Route Server #1 is required for the looking glass. If you do not wish to use route servers for peering please tag your routes with the appropriate community or contact us to request filtering. A connection to Route Server #2 is optional.

BGP Communities

The following communities are processed by the route server, but are not propagated to peers.

Standard Community Extended Community  
0:peer-as So:0:peer-as Do not advertise to peer-as
63212:peer-as So:63212:peer-as Advertise to peer-as
0:63212 So:0:63212 Do not advertise to any peer

The default behavior is to advertise to all peers.

How to Join TahoeIX

To join TahoeIX please send the following information to info < at > tahoeix < dot > org :

Public Information (for the website)

AS Number:
Organization Name:
Organization URL:
Short Description:

Private Information (for provisioning and contact)

Router MAC Address:
Tech Name:
Tech Email:
Tech Phone:
NOC Phone:
NOC Email:
Peering Email:
IPv6: yes/no

We are using BIRD for our BGP route servers. Looking glass: www.tahoeix.org/lg

Active Peers

Peer or Name AS Speed IP Notes
TahoeIX Route Server #1 63212 1G
TahoeIX Route Server #2 63212 1G
Roller Network 11170 1G
Colocation Datacenter
High Desert Internet Services 32614 100M
Internet Service Provider
Avant Wireless 22415 100M Internet Service Provider
Packet Clearing House 3856 1G
PCH Research
WoodyNet 42 1G
PCH DNS Anycast
Two P 6140 1G
AS112 Project 112 1G
RIPE NCC 25152 1G
K-Root Operator
Internet Systems Consortium 395217 1G
F-Root, Anycast Services
TahoeIX 395651 1G
TahoeIX Services
Google Global Cache
Hurricane Electric 6939 10G
Internet Service Provider
Magnusson Institute 398896 1G Magnusson Institute Membership Services (privacy.app)


Some peers may send you more prefixes with a direct session than through the route servers. The route servers are a quick start option, but we encourage reaching out to peers directly too.

Prefixes for L-Root AS20144 are available to IX participants through AS11170.

Google Global Cache is on AS395651.

In Provisioning

Peer or Name AS Speed IP Notes
Net NV 53812 1G Internet Service Provider

DNS Geolocation Note

Some peers use geolocation to determine if their content will be served from TahoeIX. Your DNS resolver will need to geolocate to our region for best results.

IPv4 Networks (RS1)
IPv4 Month

IPv6 Networks (RS1)
IPv6 Month

Daily Traffic Summary (every 5 minutes)
Traffic Day

Weekly Traffic Summary (30 Minute Average)
Traffic Week

Monthly Traffic Summary (2 Hour Average)
Traffic Month

Yearly Traffic Summary (1 Day Average)
Traffic Year

Green/Blue: Incoming/Outgoing Traffic
Dark Green/Magenta: Maximal 5 Minute Incoming/Outgoing Traffic


info < at > tahoeix < dot > org


+1 775 525 2539 (voicemail only)

We will be notified of your message and return your call as soon as possible.

Postal and Shipping

Tahoe Internet Exchange
C/O Roller Network LLC
3545 Airway Dr. Suite 114
Reno, NV 89511

Please contact us first before shipping hardware.


TahoeIX currently consists of a Cisco Nexus 3548P-10G switch donated by PCH. We can support 1G and 10GbE interfaces over singlemode fiber.

Two route servers are avaiable: Route Server #1 is a virtual machine and Route Server #2 is a physical server.